Internet Explorer

How to disable Enhanced Security Configuration in Internet Explorer

Open Server Manager

How to open Server Manager

Windows 2008 & Windows 2003

Method 1 – From Start

Click Start then Server Manager.



Method 2 – Administrative Tools

Click Start then Administrative Tools. Now click Server Manager from the side menu.



Method 3 – Right click “Computer”

Click Start then right click on “Computer”, then click “Manage”. This will open the Server Manager window.



Security Information

In the right panel, scroll down to Security Information, then click the link for Configure IE ESC



Disable Enhanced Security Configuration

In the Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration pop-up window, select (*) Off for both Administrators and Users, then click OK



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How to enable downloads in Internet Explorer 7

Select Internet Options

Open Internet Explorer, click Tools in the menu bar, then select Internet Options



Select Custom Level

From the Internet Options pop-up window, click the Security tab, Click Internet (looks like a globe), check [X] Enable Protected Mode, then click the Custom level… button.



Security Settings enable File Downloads

In the Security Settings pop-up window, scroll down the settings field until you reach Downloads > File download. Click the (*) Enable radio button, then click OK



Restart I. E.

Close all related pop-up windows and restart Internet Explorer. You should now be able to download files.
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