How to restore a snapshot in ESXi

Log In

Log into ESXi using the VMware vSphere Client software.


Select Virtual Machine to restore

In the left column, expand Host server to view the virtual machines you have created; click on the virtual machine you wish to restore, then click the “Snapshot Manager” icon.



Select Snapshot to restore

In the pop-up window, click on the name of the snapshot you wish to restore, then click Go to




You will see a pop-up message warning you that the current state of the virtual machine will be lost. Click Yes

If you think you might want to return to the current state at a later time, it is recommended to click No and create a new snapshot before restoring.



Monitor Status

You can monitor the status of the restoration by viewing the “Recent Tasks” from the primary window.

VMware does not close the snapshot manager window during or after a restoration. You may need to close, or move this window to see the “Recent Tasks” area.



Restoration Complete

After the restoration has completed, the “Recent Tasks” will display “Completed”. Click the Close button on the snapshot manager window.


Author: admin on May 21, 2014
Category: ESXi

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