Alexa – Raspberry Pi Project

Yep, I broke down and bought my wife an Amazon Fire tablet for her birthday with a built in hands free Alexa app, and I have to admit, I kind of like it myself. In fact, as I continue to study it, I now want one for myself. Not the tablet so much, but the app. So much so that I’ve decided to build my own from one of my Raspberry Pis I have in my home office.

To create my hands-free Alexa, I’m using the instructions I found here:

I haven’t quite finished yet, since I’m currently using the Pi to spy on my cats to see which one has been using the corner of my bedroom as litter box and I need a monitor to continue. (currently running it headless via ssh).

To make sure I don’t lose my place, I’m at this stage of the game:

Step 7: Run your web service, sample app and wake word engine

Author: admin on November 22, 2017
Category: Alexa, Raspberry Pi

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