How to cancel a Codero Cloud instance

Cancelling a Codero Cloud instance and preventing further billings is as easy as destroying the instance. From the moment the instance is deleted, it is considered cancelled and no further billings will occur for that instance.

Log into your Codero Cloud Account

Open Cloud Portal at then click Login


Enter your Codero Client Id for the username, then enter your account password and click Login



Locate the instance you wish to cancel

From the Main Menu dsiplayed in the left column, click List Cloud Servers



Display Options

Locate the instance you wish to delete. If you only have one intance, or the instance you wish to delete is listed first, the options should be displayed by default. If you cannot see the options, click the down arrow located on the right side of the instance display.



Delete the instance

With the available options now being displayed, click Delete



Confirm Deletion

A confirmation window will appear asking you to confirm that you wish to delete the selected cloud instance. Verify you have the correct instance using the displayed hostname. If this is the correct cloud instance, delete it by clicking the green [Yes] button.

Once you delete a cloud instance, it cannot be restored. If a snapshot of the instance had been created, it will also be destroyed and cannot be restored.

After a few moments, your cloud instance will be destroyed and you will receive no further billings on the instance.



Author: admin on December 19, 2014
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