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As a default, Codero Dedicated and SmartServers are initially allowed 4 IPs, however only one of these IPs is allocated to the server.  This guide is designed to show you how to obtain the remaining IPs that have been reserved for your system.

You can request additional IPs by logging into > Services > My Services > Options (For the correct server) > [Request an additional IP]

Login to your Codero Server Portal at
Click “Services” from the main menu, then select “My Services” from the drop down list.


Click the “Options” button adjacent to the server you wish add the IPs to (This icon will look like a Magnifying Glass)


Scroll to the bottom of the page to Network Information. Any additional IPs (non-primary) will be displayed here.
Click the Request an addition IP button.


If after a few seconds you do not see the new IP listed, click the refresh button on your browser to update the current web page.

Up to 4 IPs (including your Primary IP) will be assigned without question.  Any additional IPs beyond 4 will require justification.

If you click the Request an addition IP button more times than you are allowed without justification, the IP justification form will be displayed. To stop this form from displaying, please log out, then log back into


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