2013 September

How to view and request additional IPs in ServerPortal.com

As a default, Codero Dedicated and SmartServers are initially allowed 4 IPs, however only one of these IPs is allocated to the server.  This guide is designed to show you how to obtain the remaining IPs that have been reserved for your system.

Getting started with IIS 7.x

How to setup IIS for the first time This article assumes you have already purchased a domain and pointed the DNS to your Window’s server IP.  Setting up DNS is outside of the scope of this article.  If you need to setup DNS, you might want to read this article first. This how-to explains how… read more »

How to edit DNS in ServerPortal

DNS 101: To keep things as simple as it gets, DNS serves one primary purpose: to convert a domain name (example.com, www.example.com, subdomain.example.com) to an IP address ( It does this either directly using an A record, or indirectly using a CNAME record. With an A record, you “point” the domain directly to the IP… read more »