2013 October

How to Mount a Drive in Linux

To mount a disk on boot, you will need to enter the disk/partition information in the fstab file. Before this, you should have the uuid of the partition. 1. Create the mount point Create the mount point (directory) for the new partition. This is often done in /mnt or /media mkdir /media/partition_name 2. Determine Drive… read more »

Create a CSR Request in IIS 7

Here is a great site that includes a video and step by step instructions for generating a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) in Windows IIS 7 http://www.digicert.com/csr-creation-microsoft-iis-7.htm

How to set Reverse DNS (rDNS)

The Reverse DNS (also known as rDNS or PTR record) for an IP should be set to the EHLO value that is sent in the outgoing mail header.  This is generally the HostName of the computer, which should be different from the domain name.  Recommended values for the Hostname include mail.domain.com or server.domain.com.