2014 February

How to create custom nameservers with GoDaddy domains

Log In Log into your account at http://godaddy.com   Click Domains From the My Account screen, click DOMAINS   Launch Domain Locate your domain in the Domains Panel, then click the green <span style=”padding:.5em;background-color:green;”>Launch</span> button across from that domain.   Create Custom Nameservers If you are using pre-defined nameservers (such as ns1.codero.com, or ns1.domaincontrol.com) you… read more »

How to use this site

Welcome to HowToWebHost.com! The owner and contributors to this site have created it with hopes it will provide easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on basic skills required to host your own websites. Most of the articles on this site have been created based on the most frequently asked questions to web hosting support techs. Inline Articles While… read more »

How to open Server Manager

Windows 2008 & Windows 2003 Method 1 – From Start Click Start then Server Manager.   Method 2 – Administrative Tools Click Start then Administrative Tools. Now click Server Manager from the side menu.   Method 3 – Right click “Computer” Click Start then right click on “Computer”, then click “Manage”. This will open the… read more »

How to disable Enhanced Security Configuration in Internet Explorer

Open Server Manager   Security Information In the right panel, scroll down to Security Information, then click the link for Configure IE ESC   Disable Enhanced Security Configuration In the Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration pop-up window, select (*) Off for both Administrators and Users, then click OK  

How to view or edit my server’s password

Log into ServerPortal.com Log into https://serverportal.com using your Codero Client ID as the username and your assigned password.   Access the Services Selection Page Click Services > My Services from the top menu bar.   Click Options Click the “Options” button (looks like a magnifying glass) adjacent to the plan(s) you wish to access.  … read more »

How to enable downloads in Internet Explorer 7

Select Internet Options Open Internet Explorer, click Tools in the menu bar, then select Internet Options   Select Custom Level From the Internet Options pop-up window, click the Security tab, Click Internet (looks like a globe), check [X] Enable Protected Mode, then click the Custom level… button.   Security Settings enable File Downloads In the… read more »

How to configure Windows 2008 VM to connect to the Internet

This guide is deigned to help you get a freshly installed Windows 2008 Web Edition virtual machine to connect to the Internet. While the focus of the guide is related to virtual machines, the concepts involved also apply to fresh installs for dedicated servers as well.