2014 March

What to check if your Linux server is sending spam

Check your outgoing mail queue. Usually this is the first sign that something is going on. If you have hundreds to hundreds of thousands of messages waiting to be sent, you have probably been compromised. Postfix postqueue -p

How to add an additional IP in Debian or Ubuntu

View Current Network Settings Before we start, lets take a look at the current settings. cat /etc/network/interfaces auto eth0 iface eth0 inet static address netmask gateway hwaddress 00:12:34:56:78:9A dns-nameservers auto lo iface lo inet loopback   Configure Updated Settings Before proceeding, a couple of variables need to be defined. EthX:1… read more »

How to setup Mac Mail for Codero managed mail users

Open Mac Mail   Create Account Click File, then Add Account from the drop down menu   Add Account Information Enter the User’s full name, email address and password that was set when the address was created in ServerPortal.com, then click Continue   Incoming Mail Server On the Incoming Mail Server window: Account type: IMAP… read more »