2014 December

How to cancel a Codero Cloud instance

Cancelling a Codero Cloud instance and preventing further billings is as easy as destroying the instance. From the moment the instance is deleted, it is considered cancelled and no further billings will occur for that instance. Log into your Codero Cloud Account Open Cloud Portal at https://portal.codero.com then click Login   Enter your Codero Client… read more »

JPGraph.PHP Functions

Graph Class require_once (‘jpgraph/jpgraph.php’); Required commands: $graph = new Graph($width, $height); $graph->SetScale(‘textlin’); //starts at 1 $graph->SetScale(‘intlin’); //starts at 0 //secondary Scale $graph->SetY2Scale(“lin”); Display: $graph->SetShadow(); $graph->Stroke(); Margins: $graph->img->SetMargin($left,$right,$top,$bottom); Title: $graph->title->Set($title); $graph->subtitle->Set($subtitle); Axis Colors $graph->xaxis->SetColor(“blue”); $graph->yaxis->SetColor(“green”); $graph->y2axis->SetColor(“orange”); Intervals (Default 1,2,3,4) $graph->xaxis->SetTextTickInterval(2); // 1,3,5,7 Margins: Leave 20px above max y limit $graph->yaxis->scale->SetGrace(20); Titles (Labels) $graph->xaxis->SetFont(FF_FONT,FS_BOLD [,$fontSize]); //make label… read more »