crons and crontab

Time Scheduler Notation: Standard Minute Hour DayOfMonth Month DayOfWeek * = any value , = value list separator – = range of values / = step values (Increments) Non-Standard @yearly @annually @monthly @weekly @daily @hourly @reboot Examples Run a cron once every minute * * * * * /path/to/script */1 * * * * /path/to/script… read more »

Offending key for IP in /home/username/.ssh/known_hosts:NUMBER

This issue has haunted me for years and yet it is so easy to fix. Issue: Offending key for IP in /home/<USERNAME>/.ssh/known_hosts:<NUMBER> Matching host key in /home/<USERNAME>/.ssh/known_hosts:<ANOTHER_NUMBER> Description The problem lies in that there are 2 keys for the host you are trying to reach.  One key is old and one is good. Solution Edit… read more »

SSH without a Password

1. Log into the source computer (the computer you will use to log into the destination).   2. Check if  you already have an SSH key generated.  This key identifies you as the user. ls ~/.ssh | grep id_rsa   If the above command returned results, do not create a new key and skip to… read more »

Bash Loops

Examples of various looping scripts using bash Arrays and Counts Loop through an array declare -a myArray=(“Diane” “Jim” “Larry” “Dawn” )for i in “${myArray[@]}”do echo $idone Loop through an incremental count for INDEX in {0..5}; do echo $INDEXdone# one linerfor I in {0..5}; do echo $INDEX; done   For Loops Use these with variables! #… read more »