Linux Firewalls

IPTABLES Block a specific IP iptables -A INPUT IP.ADD.RE.SS -j DROP Block a subnet of IP To block a range of IPs use the following: iptables -A INPUT -s IPA.DDR.ESS.0/24 -j DROP Save Changes Note: Any changes made using these commands will be lost if the server is rebooted, or if IPTABLES is restarted. You… read more »

How to test and patch your server for the Shellshock exploit

To test your system to see if it is vulnerable to the ShellShock exploit, run the following command from the command line: env check=’Not vulnerable’ x='() { :;}; check=Vulnerable’ bash -c ‘echo $check’ If the reply from the command says “Vulnerable”, you should patch it immediately! The fix is actually quite simple and only takes… read more »