How to create a snapshot in Hyper-V

Introduction The ability to create snapshots is one of the best reasons for dividing your workloads into different virtual servers.  If a specific service crashes, you can quickly restore it to a previously known setup with very little effort. I especially appreciate this feature when running a training class.  I can create a snapshot of… read more »

How to install Hyper-V in Windows 2008

This guide will show you the steps required to install the Hyper-V Role on a Windows Server. While this guide was created using Windows 2008 DC Edition, the steps should work for any Windows 2008 Server.

How to configure Windows 2008 VM to connect to the Internet

This guide is deigned to help you get a freshly installed Windows 2008 Web Edition virtual machine to connect to the Internet. While the focus of the guide is related to virtual machines, the concepts involved also apply to fresh installs for dedicated servers as well.

Create a CSR Request in IIS 7

Here is a great site that includes a video and step by step instructions for generating a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) in Windows IIS 7

Getting started with IIS 7.x

How to setup IIS for the first time This article assumes you have already purchased a domain and pointed the DNS to your Window’s server IP.  Setting up DNS is outside of the scope of this article.  If you need to setup DNS, you might want to read this article first. This how-to explains how… read more »