How to add a MAC address in ServerPortal

Before a Virtual Machine can connect to the Internet, its MAC address must be submitted through ServerPortal. This guide is designed to show you how to add these MAC addresses to your account.

You can submit MAC addresses by logging into > Services > My Services > Options (For the correct server) > [Add or Edit MAC Addresses]

Login to your Codero Server Portal at
Click “Services” from the main menu, then select “My Services” from the drop down list.


Click the “Options” button adjacent to the server you wish add the IPs to (This icon will look like a Magnifying Glass)


Scroll to the bottom of the page to Network Information. Any additional MAC address you have already added wil be displayed here.
Click the Add or Edit MAC Addresses button.



In the popup window, add, edit or delete any unused MAC addresses you have already entered.

Notice: If you are copying the MAC address as reported from Windows, you will need to replace the hyphens “-” with colons “:”. Example: 00-15-5D-B4-60-03 should be entered as 00:15:5D:B4:60:03



After you have finished editing, scroll down to the bottom of the popup window and click Update to submit your changes.


After only a few moments, your new MAC address will be ready to use.



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