How to configure the Codero ISO Datastore in ESXi

The Codero Datastore contains several distributions of various Operating Systems, including Arch Linux, CentOS, Debian, DSL, Fedora, FreeBSD, OpenSUSE, SpamTitan and Ubuntu. By using these ISOs, you can drastically reduce the amount of time it take to create new VMs.

If you have not done so, download the VMware vSphere Client from your ESXi server.


Log into your server

Log into your ESXi Server using the VMware Client.  You will need to enter the IP address of the server, root for the User name and your root password for the server.



Certificate Warning?

If you get a certificate warning, check the “Install this certificate and do not display any security warnings for “IP.ADD.RE.SS”



Select the server

Inside the vSphere Client, click the server IP in the left column, then click the “Configuration” tab.



Select Storage

In the Hardware window, click Storage



Add the datastore

In the View section click Datastores then click the Add Storage… link



Configure the datastore: Step 1

In the Add Storage window, select (*) Network File System, then click Next >



Configure the datastore: Step 2

In the Properties area, use the following values::

Folder: /home/repo/data/isos
[X] Mount NFS read only <- make sure this is checked! Datastore Name: Codero ISOs (or something else of your choosing) Click Next >




On the final screen, click Finish


The Codero ISO Datastore is now available for you to use when creating new VMs.


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