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Welcome to! The owner and contributors to this site have created it with hopes it will provide easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on basic skills required to host your own websites. Most of the articles on this site have been created based on the most frequently asked questions to web hosting support techs.

Inline Articles

While we make strides to leave no stone unturned, you will find there are several portions of articles here that are used multiple times, such as how to access Server Manager in Windows. Rather than re-write this portion for each article, we provide simple dropdown links. If you already know how to access this section of the article, feel free to skip it. If not, click the clearly labelled link to display the full steps.


Open Server Manager

How to open Server Manager
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Inline Graphic

You will also find our heavy use of inline graphics, such as Keyboard and Windows buttons. These are provided as additional guides to help you complete the current process (step) you might be working on. You will also find references to multiple key strokes. If you see something like Ctrl+X, this says to press both of these keys at the same time.


Information Windows

There are a few information windows you will see scattered throughout the site. Each of these will be color coded.

If you see a red window such as this one, pay close attention! The information in here is important and needs to be followed closely.


GREEN = Important.
The information located in a green window is for your information, but should be paid attention to.


GRAY = Additional Information.
The information located within any gray window is there to provide additional information that can safely be ignored.


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