IP Request Justification

Codero dedicated servers and SmartServers are allowed 4 IPs without technical justification and a maximum of 16 IPs total. Any additional IP address requests beyond the initial 4 must meet the criteria dictated by the RIRs (Regional Internet Registry). Since this server is in the United States, the RIR involved is the American Registry of Internet Numbers (ARIN). With the depletion of IPv4 address space, RIRs like ARIN have become stricter in what they consider valid technical reasons for additional allocations. This is necessary to preserve IPv4 space until the internet becomes fully ready for IPv6.

This means any additional IPs beyond the first 4 require the completion of the technical justification form. The basic purpose of the form is to inform us on how many additional IPs are required and exactly how the IPs will be utilized. Each form is then investigated for accuracy and authenticity.  Upon the completion of the investigation, the request is either granted or denied.

Important! Please read carefully!

It is your responsibility to maintain and protect the integrity of your IP addresses.  You alone are responsible for any actions (blacklisting, null-routes, etc.) taken against your IP addresses either through your direct action or inaction that allowed these events to occur.

Completion of the technical justification form down not guarantee the IP request will be granted. As stated above, each request will be thoroughly investigated for accuracy and authenticity. While we cannot list what justifications will be accepted, the following justifications will automatically be rejected:

* Requests used for IP based hosting vs. name based hosting.
* Requests designed to skew Search Engine results, or perform IP based SEO.
* Requests designed to bypass email blacklists.

In addition to the above, the following circumstances will trigger automatic rejection regardless of the justification:

* Servers with IPs currently listed on blacklists.
* Servers listed with TOS (Terms of Service) abuse notices within the past 30 days. This includes, but is not limited to, both inbound and outbound DDoS notices.

Requests for IP addresses for SSL hosting must not violate any of the request rules listed above, must list each domain requiring a certificate, and may require SSL proof of purchase.  Certificates must be installed and in use within 30 days after the IP is granted or it may be revoked.

You may be required to verify utilization of existing allocations before any new IPs are granted.  We reserve the right to allocate a lesser quantity than requested.  For example, we may reject a request for 5 IPs, but grant 2.

At no time is Codero required to provide an explanation as to why an IP request is denied.  Requests for such information will be directed to the ARIN website at https://www.arin.net/policy/nrpm.html


How to complete the IP justification form

All fields ending with * are required.

Service Information

Dedicated Server: Select the server you are requesting to add IPs to from the drop down box.
Approx. Date of Internet Connection: Enter the approximate date the server was purchased.



Technical POC (Point Of Contact)

If you accessed the form through Services > My Services > Options > [Request an additional IP] this section should auto-complete for you. All fields are optional except for the email address.

Name: Enter the person’s name used on the account.
Title: Enter this person’s title.
Address: Enter the address used on the account.
Phone Number: Enter the phone number.
Email: Enter the account owner’s email address. This is required.
Company: Enter the company name on the account.
Company Address: Enter the business address.



IP Utilization Information

This section is auto-populated upon selection of the server in the “Service Information” section above.

Current and Previous IPs: Lists all IPs currently allocated to this server.
Number of IPs: Displays the total number of IPs listed in the previous field.




Hosts Information

Initial Count: Enter the number of Domain Names you are hosting on this server
Count Within One Year: Enter the number of domains you expect to have one year from now.

Subnet Information

Initial Count: 1
Count Within One Year: 1



Request Information

Number of Addresses Request: How many new IPs do you wish to add?
Additional Supporting Justification: This section is IMPORTANT! Use this area to accurately describe exactly how you intend to use the new IP(s) you are requesting. Be honest and thorough.  Attempts to dishonestly justify the true use of the IP(s) may result in a permanent ban on further IP allocation.
Type of Network: Select the type of Network to be used for the requested IPs.



Submit Your Form

Click the Submit button to submit your form. Due to the serious nature of this form, the review process may take up to 24 hours or more.  Providing accurate information as well as a detailed technical justification explanation can significantly improve review process delays.


Additional references

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