Understanding Codero Cloud Portal

This article is designed to help you navigate your Codero Cloud Portal account. When the screen width is limited, Only icons are displayed and the text descriptions are hidden. This document provides a brief summary of what each icon is used for.



A current Codero Cloud account.


Icon Descriptions

The Codero Cloud Portal main menu (located on the left side of the screen) is broken down in to 4 main sections. Cloud, Billing, API and Support. Each section is defined by a large white icon with their related menu options located below in smaller, light gray colored icons.


cloud-portal-cloud-server Cloud Servers

cloud-portal-create-cloud Create Cloud Server

Use this option to create a new or additional cloud instances.

cloud-portal-list-cloud List Cloud Servers

Click here to display a list of all current cloud instances. You will use this option to start, stop, restart, change passwords and more for each instance.


cloud-portal-billing Billing

cloud-portal-payment-methods Payment Methods

Use this option to add or edit your current methods of payment.

cloud-portal-billing-history Billing History

Use this option to view your billing history. This will display payments made along with credits earned.


cloud-portal-api API (Application Programming Interface)

The Codero API is comprised of a set of http requests that will allow you to create, destroy, start, stop, reboot and other options you might be required to perform on your could instances directly from your software and completely without human interaction.

cloud-portal-api-key API Keys

An API Key is required in order to use the API calls. This key authorizes your software to have control access to your Cloud Instances.

cloud-portal-api-documentation API Documentation

Click this icon to learn more about the Codero Cloud API calls.


cloud-portal-support Support

cloud-portal-submit-ticket Submit a Ticket

Use this option to submit a ticket to the Codero Customer Support Dept. This options will redirect you to your Codero ServerPortal.com management system.

cloud-portal-support-chat Support Chat

Use the 24/7/365 Codero Support online chat system to get quick answers to basic questions or fast resolution to common issues. For more complicated issues, it is recommended to use the ticket system outlined above.

cloud-portal-knowledge-base Knowledge Base (Support Wiki)

Use the Codero Knowledge Base as your first line of support. Answers to most of your hosting and configuration issues can be found there. We recommend bookmarking useful pages so you can return again and again.


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