2016 December

Install VMware Workstation Player on Ubuntu 16

I recently upgraded my trusty 2 core, 4GB desktop to a Hex core with 16 GB of ram and now I’m ready to start managing a few virtual machines. I’ve tried using VirtualBox in the past, but never got the hang of it. I’ve been using VMware Player for a couple of years and love… read more »

Linux Firewalls

IPTABLES Block a specific IP iptables -A INPUT IP.ADD.RE.SS -j DROP Block a subnet of IP To block a range of IPs use the following: iptables -A INPUT -s IPA.DDR.ESS.0/24 -j DROP Save Changes Note: Any changes made using these commands will be lost if the server is rebooted, or if IPTABLES is restarted. You… read more »