Evault Backup Setup with Plesk

This article is designed to help you setup an unmanaged eVault backup for your Codero Server. While this artice is intended for dedicated server users with a Plesk control panel, the principles can be applied to users of other control panels no control panel.   Requirements: Dedicated Server with root ssh access eVault Backup account… read more »

How to apply an SSL Certificate in Plesk

This article applies to Plesk users that used the same server to create a CSR (Certficate Signing Request) and have purchased an SSL Certificate from a Trusted Provider. You should have a series of text files from your certificate provider. If you have not yet created a CSR, you should read this article first:… read more »

How to create a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) in Plesk

Adding an SSL certificate in Plesk is a multi-step process. Understanding what SSL is and how it works will make this process much easier.   Overview The basic steps to installing an SSL certificate include: 1. Create a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) 2. Submit the CSR to a Trusted Provider (also known as a Certificate… read more »

How to View Advanced Domain Options in Plesk

Advanced Domain Options are used to set the following settings: Website Scripting and Security, PHP Settings, Web Server Settings, Applications, File Manager, Web Statistics, DNS Settings, Secure Your Sites (SSL), Password protecting directories, Website copying, Viewing Logs and creating web users along with information about how to move a site from development to productions and… read more »